The Meaning of Green
Green Symbols

Are you wearing your green on St. Patrick's Day? Or have you already gotten pinched?! Green is everywhere on St. Patrick's Day, even in beer!  It's the color of Ireland reflecting it's green-colored landscape. The green sprouts are emerging from the soil reminding us that winter is now behind us and the renewal of the land has begun. 

The psychology of color runs deep. It can be very complex and controversial in marketing and can evoke many different emotions in people. Everyone has a favorite color, like forest green, and one they despise – puke-green comes to mind.

Why is green used in so many brands? It's a fresh color that is easiest on the eyes. It is associated with health, wealth, balance, hope, growth and well-being. The Girl Scouts come to mind. It's a color of productivity, like giving a project "the green light." "Go Green!" – for our environment. In the Highlands of Scotland people wear green as a color of honor. In Japan it is regarded as the color of eternal life. It can brighten a gloomy day and a photo or plant provides relaxation at home and office. Adding a bit of bright green parsley to a steak entices the palette even more. So ultimately, why wouldn't a company want to be associated with green.

Old home in the foothills of Iceland displaying multiple shades of green.

Old home in the foothills of Iceland displaying multiple shades of green.

There are negative associations with green as well. Like jealously, hence the phrase "green with envy." It's not a good idea for a financial institution to use it as it can be associated with greed, even though it represents prosperity. A certain shade of green can invoke illness, "green around the gills."

When it comes to selecting a color for your brand or even your home it needs to mean something to you and feel good to you. Just always be aware with marketing, how color is defined in a broader sense. 

Pedro Calderon de la Barca puts it beautifully, “green is the prime color of the world, and that from which its loveliness arises.”


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The Distinct Colors of Mardi Gras

I finally felt the true pulse of New Orleans with Mardi Gras just days away when visiting with my family. I've always loved NOLA, exploring the French Market and Garden district streets and hidden gems. It has always inspired me with its creative energy, people, spicy food and jazz. So with Mardi Gras around the corner the city became even more alive.

Bourbon Street Balcony

The French and Spanish Creole architecture was decked out in the infamous Mardi Gras colors – purple, green and yellow. These colors are on king cakes, beautiful flower arrangements in hotels, on souvenirs, Mardi Gras beads, masks, decorations, floats and on clothing. As a designer, I had to find out what these colors mean to New Orleans. 

Krew of Nyx Parade 

Krew of Nyx Parade 

It was back in 1892 that the Rex parade gave "Symbolism of the colors", but the history goes way beyond that. So, if you are a history buff, check out this blog I found about it -

Mardi Gras Beads

So, back to the meaning of the colors.

Purple = Justice

Green = Faith

Gold = Power

Purple is a royal color, meaning justice and based on what is right. Green represents faith. Faith can be of religious faith and also having faith in a better tomorrow. Gold is power and wealth. I'd say that's a color combination that makes a strong statement and something for a city to be proud to be associated with. One thing for sure is, that you can truly be whoever you want to be in New Orleans and wear what you want to wear. You just may happened to get more throws if you do wear the city's traditional colors. 

Photos by: Mitzi Navarra ©2017

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